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It’s Amazing

What sleep and self-pity can do to improve one’s outlook. I have now spent the better part of the day napping and watching bad soap operas, and I am pleased to announce that I once again feel a bit more like my old self. Of course, my friends Ben & Jerry also deserve some of the credit, because, really, whose outlook wouldn’t be a bit sunnier after some Chocolate Fudge Brownie? I think some of this stems from a desperate need for a vacation; thankfully, I only have to hang on for another month before I can look forward to some blissful time away from work (not including one relaxing weekend at the spa…thanks, Kev!).
In other news, it’s Friday, and that means it’s Date Night. While I dragged Kevin kicking and screaming last week to Lone Star Park(then again, it is $1.50 beer night….), I really don’t forsee a repeat of the festivities for tonight. You’ve gotta know when to hold ’em, and all that. Instead, I was actually leaning toward a trip to Home Depot to pick out some paint samples, after a lovely dinner, of course. Hey, it may not sound romantic to some, but nothing gets me excited like splashing color on white walls. We’ll have to see what the husband has in mind.

One Response to “It’s Amazing”

  1. kim Says:

    A nice dinner and Home Depot sound like a dream to me. Hmmmm. Maybe I need to get out more. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!




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