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I never, ever post about searches to my blog, mostly because they’re uninteresting. However, I feel it necessary to ask the following question:
Why is my blog listed as number 1 on Google AND Yahoo for the phrase “I feel naughty”?!?!?!
What, am I part of a secret porn ring that I know nothing about? I’ve known about this particular search result for quite some time, but I’ve been hoping it would simply go away, or at the very least begin to dwindle somewhat. Alas, that is not the case. Apparently, folks interested in Ashton Kutcher are also frequent visitors. Please bear in mind that I’ve never once mentioned Ashton Kutcher. The one redemption seems to be that I turn up toward the top of Google and Yahoo for “Dave Eggers” and “Janeane Garafalo”, so at least I’m kinda cool.
On a completely unrelated subject, I stumbled across this tonight, and I am still reeling in horror. Can anyone, anyone at all, please explain why this is okay? I find it to be an insult of the highest order to all things literary. I never thought I’d stumble across a book that I would consider burning, but it appears that one such title exists, after all. To top it off, the illustrious author dedicated the book to none other than the Bard himself. As if this weren’t enough, there’s also one (it’s part of a series!!! called Bard’s Blood—can you feel my pain?) titled A Midsummer Night’s Scream (on a side note: why the hell am I not published yet?). Please put an end to such literary massacres. Help me help you.

5 Responses to “Why?”

  1. Kevin Says:

    I find it interesting that it’s from the “Bard’s Blood” series. HA!

    From the Publisher
    ‘Football star Cameron Dean is genuine campus royalty at Globe University, but his life is more of a nightmare than a dream. Not only was his dad murdered under mysterious circumstances, but Cameron suspects that his mom and aunt may have had something to do with it!

    When he unexpectedly inherits a creepy old castle in Denmark, Cameron tries to put his worries behind him, inviting his girlfriend and college buddies along on an overseas trip to check out the gloomy fortress. The plan is to get some serious partying done. Too bad nobody counted on the ghost of a drowned girl rising from her watery grave with vengeance on her mind!

    Now the only question is: to die or not to die?

  2. kim Says:

    haha You feel naughty. 🙂

    I wonder if they have MacDeath. Or maybe The Scary Wives of Windsor. 😀

  3. merrin Says:

    Oh dear God, that’s funny! How ’bout King Fear? Maiming of the Shrew? We could get a lot of mileage out of this….:grin

  4. Aurora Says:

    ahhh I give up …. Why the hell are you not published yet? …. I feel naughty… would be better than the dang nude cartoon pics… trade ya.

  5. David Bergantino Says:

    It’s the author of the Bard’s Blood books, David Bergantino. If it’s any consolation, the dedication to Shakespeare at the beginning of #1 wasn’t my idea. Didn’t even know it was there until it hit the shelves; I dedicated the book to a friend. That Shakespeare dedication is tacky.






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