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New Revelations

It’s always interesting when I get to know myself a little better. It’s not that I’ve ever suffered an identity crisis; it’s more like the threat of 30 looming over my head has made me a bit more introspective as of late. The following are quirks I have realized I possess:
*While I listen to all types of music, I have to relate to the lyrics in order to enjoy the song.
*I much prefer color to plain white walls.
*There is such a thing as too much trashy fiction.
*I actually believe that my dog knows what I’m saying.
*Intelligent life forms can indeed be found.
*Moisturizer is a good thing, especially when it smells good.
*Crow’s feet really are character lines, since they’re evidence of a cheerful disposition.
*People approaching 30 should not overindulge in Jack Daniels.
*I am perfectly comfortable breaking into song at the drop of a hat.
*I’m wondering if I should care more about what people think of me. Wait…..Nope.
*I firmly believe that I married my soul mate, which in turn cements my belief in a Higher Power (no matter how twisted Her sense of humor may be).
*I’m not conceited; I’m just smarter than most of the people I encounter on a daily basis. Then again, I work retail, so that’s not saying much.
*I think that people should have a basic grasp of grammar, syntax, and spelling before being allowed to function in the real world.
*I laugh (a really good, deep, belly laugh) at least once daily. This laughter is rarely at the expense of others, although sometimes it’s just too good to resist.
*I go through “food phases” (does anyone else have these?) where I eat only one thing for weeks at a time. Current food phase: Dannon Frusion, in Banana Berry Blend.
*I find cooking to be relaxing.
Enough about me. Everybody has their own quirks. What are yours?

2 Responses to “New Revelations”

  1. Camille Says:

    shhhhh…I HATE cotton. and the thought of it.

  2. Aurora Says:

    Those seem like cool traits not quirks… define quirk?…. hehe I eat extra chunky peanut butter with a popsicle stick…to slow me down, if I used a spoon I would eat the entire jar before realizing it… When having a severe chocolate attack I have been known to suck the Hershey’s right out of the squeezable bottle…




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