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But At Least It’s There

I’ve never particularly cared for the term “bleeding heart” liberal. I find it to be insulting to those of us who are in touch with our compassion. However, this evening, Kevin has deemed it fitting to point out that I may, in fact, be a bleeding heart (we’ve both always known I was a liberal, so there was no point in examining that part of the phrase). You see, I have a horrible secret: TV commercials make me teary. Not all of them,mind you, but a great many small-screen advertisements have the ability to leave me sniffling for a few minutes. It’s true that I’ve always been a sucker for marketing (hell, I wanted to buy a Saturn when they first hit the market because I was so enamored with the idea of attending the annual Homecoming). But since I’ve passed the crest of my halcyon days (read: all the years since age 25), I find myself more and more susceptible to the sly cunning of the folks at Nike (or Office Depot, or Kodak, or {HORROR} Hallmark). Kevin now actively seeks out commercials that provoke a saline reaction in me. Now, remember, we have Tivo. Theoretically, we should never watch commercials. Unfortunately, Kevin likes to torture me (for a previous example, click here). He pays special attention just to find things that make me weepy. Then he calls me away from whatever I’m doing and says, “Hey! Watch this!”, and like the idiot I am, I do. To date, he’s done it 57 times. The Kodak commercial with the dog shelter gets me every time.
So I guess it’s true. I am a liberal. And apparently, I have a bleeding heart. But at least it’s there, and it’s still ticking.
Come to think of it, maybe this is just one more reason to subscribe to Adbusters.

2 Responses to “But At Least It’s There”

  1. Peppermint Tina*:) Says:

    That damn guy is up to no good. Again.

    I was just going to give him a good tongue lashing (not THAT kind of tongue lashing…eww the word tongue is so offensive! so much so I typed it 3 freaking times!)! But I was going to, then thought better of it. I didn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings…

    Texas Boy…he’s just messing with you and it ain’t gonna come to an end anytime soon, is it?

    Well, I hate to admit a chuckle out of his antics, but never at your expense….hehhehheh!

  2. Camille Says:

    He’s such a little prankster.




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