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It’s A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood

There’s nothing better than a short work day, especially when you don’t expect it. I got to sleep in, then as an added bonus, I got home by 3:00. It’s such a pretty day that I decided to spend some time outside reading. I’ve got to read the new Nora book so I will be prepared for her big appearance next week! I’m so excited I can hardly breathe. Go ahead and laugh, but I love Nora. I have begged and pleaded to be right next to her for the entire event. See? There’s another perk of being in the book business.
Now if I could just figure out what to fix for dinner, I’d be in really good shape. Hmmm. Maybe a little Zelda will inspire me….

2 Responses to “It’s A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood”

  1. Aurora Says:

    Oh My Gosh…. I would love to see her… dang I don’t know how to get to Hurst and aren’t there usually long lines for this kind of thing? Why doesn’t she come to Plano?

  2. merrin Says:

    The lines move really fast, and you should come out! I’ve already made sure I get to be the one next to Nora the whole time, so if you want the hook-up, let me know!




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