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Another Day…

I’ve never understood the draw of April Fool’s Day. It’s always seemed kinda mean to me, but whatever. Fortunately, no one was gutsy enough to pull any stunts on me today, although I did hear a rumor about a falsified retraction statement from the New York Times in reference to a blurb. Oh, and Kevin thought of another prank a little too late: He was going to announce that I had been accused of plagiarism. Uh huh. Like anyone would believe it. If there’s one thing I’ll never have a problem with, it’s finding my own words.
We have American Idol to look forward to this evening, sans one more contestant. Yes, it seems that Corey Clark was given the boot after news of an arrest for assault sprang up and reared its ugly head. Is it just me, or does it seem like we have an awful lot of ne’er-do-wells this year? Is America’s youth really that bad? It makes me sad to think so….
And now for today’s good news: I get to sleep in tomorrow. Wait. I guess that’s tomorrow’s good news. Damn. Now I have to find something good about today.
Typical Teen Angst?

One Response to “Another Day…”

  1. Peppermint Tina*:) Says:

    I despise April Fools Day! Especially when I bite! The day hasn’t ended, but I think I’ll be free of pranks!

    Glad you escaped good old-fashioned crap. (heh!!!)




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