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I was in a fabulous mood all day. That is, until about 3:00, when I realized that I was in a fabulous mood, and then felt immediately guilty. What right do I have to have a good day when so many others are in so much pain? Soon after, my mood was thrust into a downward doom spiral. I hit major traffic on the way home, about which I usually don’t have to worry. Then I got a headache. Then I read the aforementioned article which made me mad. And then I got to thinking: I am really, really, really lucky to have all that I have in life. I have a roof over my head, food to eat, a wonderful (if crazy) family, a job I love, the best dogs in the world, and a husband who is my greatest source of happiness. So yes, I can be in a fabulous mood, simply because I am able to appreciate the blessings in my life. And I won’t feel guilty that there are so many men and women who aren’t with their families tonight. Instead, I’ll be proud of them, I’ll show my support, and I’ll pray for their safety. And when they return, I’ll owe them a debt too enormous to ever repay, because they gave me the security and the peace of mind to simply have a good day.
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