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I still feel like crap. Damn. And yes, I am the world’s biggest baby when I get sick, but it’s only because I’m sick so rarely. My husband, meanwhile, has come home from work early in order to nurse me back to some semblance of health, although I’m sure he’s secretly hoping that I’ll suddenly feel well enough to fix him dinner. That ain’t gonna happen as things stand now. Seriously, though, he has gone to the drug store twice to make sure I had stuff that I could take to make me feel better (or at least more human). It’s a pain in the ass, because there’s so much I can’t take due to my heart (read: Pretty much every cold medicine known to man is out). However, The Almighty Kevin has discovered Coricidin, and that will hopefully have me on the road to wellness in no time.
In other news, thanks so much for all the emails today. It’s given me something to focus on other than my exploding sinuses, and they’ve made me smile. Okay. I’ve been upright for long enough, and I must once again go lie down.

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