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Life In The Tundra

Isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. I actually did quite a bit of work today, which was nice. Then Kev caught a severe case of Cabin Fever, which was nicer. In a domestic frenzy brought on by acute boredom, Kevin steam-cleaned the carpets, did the dishes, did three loads of laundry, fixed me lunch, and took care of the dogs while I, meanwhile, slaved away at my computer (and I didn’t even blog or check email once!). The manic activity ceased around 4:30, however, and was quickly followed by repeated moans of “I’mmmm borrrreeeeddddd.” It all worked out ok, though, because I then arose to fix dinner for my oh-so-helpful husband. Apparently, Cabin Fever is contagious, and I have caught it in a big way. Good thing I have, like, five episodes of “I’m A Celebrity” Tivo’d. On another note, it looks like the store will be opening late tomorrow (we hope), but I will be leaving well before the sun comes up to forge my way across the Great White Tundra in order to be there by, oh, noon or so. Even though these pictures look pretty and snow-like, don’t be fooled: It’s all a giant ice cube, baby, and not the good kind.
Watcha Lookin' At, Sucka?

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