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And The Grammy Goes To

Hmmmmm. I have to admit: I’m not usually so wrapped up in the Grammy’s. Ordinarily, I hold out for the Oscars while paying little or no attention to Music’s biggest night (this is probably because I like what I like, and there are very few songs/songwriters/musicians that I cannot appreciate, at least on some level). However, this year, I’m torn, not unlike the rest of the music industry. There are actually people that I want to win. It’s like the Super Bowl for me. So let’s take a moment and identify this year’s favorites. Well, my favorites, anyway.
First, we have Bruuuuuuce. For those of you who haven’t witnessed my fascination with The Boss, please look here, here, and here. Now, Bruce is nominated in a number of categories, all of which I think he deserves to win. Unless…..
The Grammy goes to Eminem. A year ago, I would have panicked at the mere suggestion of listening to Eminem. Now, I can’t get enough. Sure, people laugh at me for it, and I constantly get strange looks as I’m driving through my quiet suburban neighborhood blasting The Eminem Show. Picture it: an almost-thirty-year-old white girl with the bass turned up so loud that it shakes the car windows. So, I’ll also be pulling for Eminem. Unless…..
The Dixie Chicks win. Let’s face it: I’m from Texas. This means that I love all things Dixie Chicks. I remember seeing them play at a crappy little venue in Fort Worth 11 years ago. Nobody paid any attention to them, but there they were, having a ball onstage in their matching cowgirl costumes. And look where they are now. You go, girls!
Now that you see my conundrum, you will be able to understand why the Grammy’s will be such an event tomorrow night at Chez Mer. I’m biting my nails already!
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3 Responses to “And The Grammy Goes To”

  1. Kevin Says:

    Who are you kidding?! You’ll be asleep by 9:30! :wink

  2. Peppermint Tina*:) Says:

    I have run with your posting….Heh!

    I think the Boss is the Boss! You have every right to think of him in high regards…

    Dixie Chicks are cool b/c they sang “Landslide” and didn’t ruin it! And, Natalie can sing like the dickens! (I have actually been on the lookout for their current cd! Me! A girl who don’t like Country, oh my!) Not that there’s anything wrong, mind you!

    So, stay up and enjoy the grammies! You’ll tell me how it all turns up, now, won’t yah?*;)

  3. Camille Says:

    Yo gurl! I see yo boy Eminem won…
    I was rootin for him too!!!! 🙂




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