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Archive: February 2003

Now That’s What I Call A Latte

Since I have done absolutely nothing of consequence today, I thought it only fitting that I should offer you this story. Yes, I could indeed comment on the ever-increasing price of gas, the current state of turmoil in the Middle East, even the skewed sense of priorities that our government seems to have as of late. Sure, I could focus on something important like the cure for stupidity, or touching such as Mister Rogers’ legacy, but I don’t really feel the necessity of reliving any tragic news. To that end, I offer you the Women of Starbucks. Now you, too, can enjoy your Toffee Nut Latte along with the vapid gaze of the woman who served it to you. Hey! I step in as a barista sometimes! I could send my pictures! Wait. No. Not only do I not want to see myself naked, I can’t imagine the potential that risque photos of me naked behind the espresso machine, fondling the steam wand, would do for Playboy’s readership. Wow. There are a whole lotta nasty references to be found behind the counter of your neighborhood Starbucks than I ever thought possible.

The New List

Is up! Here’s your chance to expand your minds and read something! Go check it out, but before you do, here’s a preview. Move the Clip Position to 14:45, and enjoy!
Billy Collins Rocks!

You Must Buy This

Peppermint Tina has inspired me to post about my most recent addiction. If you have not yet tried this, please drop by your nearest Origins store (they always sample the stuff), and help yourself. It will change your life. Plus, it smells heavenly.
My Drug of Choice

With The Sunshine

Comes the rain. So there were two little bits of good news yesterday, only to be followed today by two very sad reports:
1) Mister Rogers passed away. This is truly a tragedy. Who doesn’t remember taking the Trolley into the Neighborhood of Make-Believe when they were little? {{sniffle}}
2) Emmitt Smith is no longer a Cowboy.
It’s the end of two eras. :sad
A Sad Goodbye

Good News Aplenty!

Wow! Two little tidbits in the last five minutes!
1) It looks like The Sopranos will be back for Season Six!
2) The new Super Target is opening in Flower Mound on March 9th!
Bada Bing, Baby!

The Great Thaw

Is upon us! Granted, the drive to work in the wee hours of the morning was a tad treacherous, but it actually took me less time to get home today due to the lack of cars on the roads. So, I suppose, life has returned to normal, and it is back to business as usual, which is fine with me. I can only take so much of the Great Blizzard of 2003. In the spirit of life settling back down, I humbly offer you this. Only in Texas, my friends.
Shut Your Pie Hole!

Life In The Tundra

Isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. I actually did quite a bit of work today, which was nice. Then Kev caught a severe case of Cabin Fever, which was nicer. In a domestic frenzy brought on by acute boredom, Kevin steam-cleaned the carpets, did the dishes, did three loads of laundry, fixed me lunch, and took care of the dogs while I, meanwhile, slaved away at my computer (and I didn’t even blog or check email once!). The manic activity ceased around 4:30, however, and was quickly followed by repeated moans of “I’mmmm borrrreeeeddddd.” It all worked out ok, though, because I then arose to fix dinner for my oh-so-helpful husband. Apparently, Cabin Fever is contagious, and I have caught it in a big way. Good thing I have, like, five episodes of “I’m A Celebrity” Tivo’d. On another note, it looks like the store will be opening late tomorrow (we hope), but I will be leaving well before the sun comes up to forge my way across the Great White Tundra in order to be there by, oh, noon or so. Even though these pictures look pretty and snow-like, don’t be fooled: It’s all a giant ice cube, baby, and not the good kind.
Watcha Lookin' At, Sucka?

Ice Ice Baby

Well, at least, by some miracle, I had already planned to work from home today. This is a historic occasion, my friends: It is the first time in the seven years that I have worked for Barnes & Noble that we will remain closed due to severe weather. This does not mean, however, that I will not be working, since my intention was to write reviews at home. So while the rest of you are enjoying hot chocolate and grilled cheese, I, your humble author, will be hard at work. At least I’ll be able to do so from the comfort (and warmth!) of my own comfy chair! Stay safe, everybody, and don’t drive if you don’t have to!
Baby It's Cold Outside!

If I Could Have Anything…

I’d wish for the last four hours of my life back. That is how long it took me to get home today. Please bear in mind that my normal commute is 25-30 minutes. However, at least both Kevin and I got home safely, and home is just where we plan to stay for the next day or so, or at least until this moves out. Long live the tundra!

So Far, So Good

Not a single bad award or performance (although No Doubt fell a little flat towards the end). The James Taylor/Yo Yo Ma set was out of this world, as was John Mayer, who is very brave for performing all by his little lonesome. Oh, and Eminem rocks my world. The only drawback: I could have watched Simon and Garfunkel all night. Oooohhh! I’m so excited about the Grammy’s!

Get Ready

For the Grammy’s! The one curse of Tivo: too much to watch. I still have yet to see SNL (hosted last night by none other than The Continental, I’m way behind on my reality TV (hmmmm. This may not be a bad thing), and I have no idea what’s going on in Pine Valley. Such is life.

Oh No!

Whoops. I hope this doesn’t set the filming back for too long. And before you get snitty, yes, I’m glad that no one was injured.
It's Getting Hot In Here

And The Grammy Goes To

Hmmmmm. I have to admit: I’m not usually so wrapped up in the Grammy’s. Ordinarily, I hold out for the Oscars while paying little or no attention to Music’s biggest night (this is probably because I like what I like, and there are very few songs/songwriters/musicians that I cannot appreciate, at least on some level). However, this year, I’m torn, not unlike the rest of the music industry. There are actually people that I want to win. It’s like the Super Bowl for me. So let’s take a moment and identify this year’s favorites. Well, my favorites, anyway.
First, we have Bruuuuuuce. For those of you who haven’t witnessed my fascination with The Boss, please look here, here, and here. Now, Bruce is nominated in a number of categories, all of which I think he deserves to win. Unless…..
The Grammy goes to Eminem. A year ago, I would have panicked at the mere suggestion of listening to Eminem. Now, I can’t get enough. Sure, people laugh at me for it, and I constantly get strange looks as I’m driving through my quiet suburban neighborhood blasting The Eminem Show. Picture it: an almost-thirty-year-old white girl with the bass turned up so loud that it shakes the car windows. So, I’ll also be pulling for Eminem. Unless…..
The Dixie Chicks win. Let’s face it: I’m from Texas. This means that I love all things Dixie Chicks. I remember seeing them play at a crappy little venue in Fort Worth 11 years ago. Nobody paid any attention to them, but there they were, having a ball onstage in their matching cowgirl costumes. And look where they are now. You go, girls!
Now that you see my conundrum, you will be able to understand why the Grammy’s will be such an event tomorrow night at Chez Mer. I’m biting my nails already!
Scheduled to Perform

Here’s Your Thought For the Day

?Tis all men?s office to speak patience
To those that wring under the load of sorrow,
But no man?s virtue nor sufficiency
To be so moral when he shall endure
The like himself.
Much Ado about Nothing. Act v. Sc. 1

What Are The Chances

Of this exhibit coming to the Kimball? In the same class as the Barnes Foundation exhibit, the Courtald collection, and A Gentle Rivalry (Matisse & Picasso), Van Gogh’s works would indeed be quite a coup for the little museum that could. Chances are pretty slim, but a girl can hope, can’t she?
Starry, Starry Night...




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