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You Know You Have A Problem

The following words passed my lips last night:
American Idol is on tomorrow night. Fox won’t preempt it for the State of the Union, will they?”
Yes, I am indeed ashamed. Mortified, really. I have become the person I can’t stand; I am the lowest common denominator. To top it off, I read this today, and suddenly lost a lot of respect for the producers of the show. Sure, the guy had a good audition, and I’m sure he’s in no real hurry to get to Kuwait, but I think there’s something a little wrong with “working with Washington to get [him] out of the deployment.” Okay, okay. So the guy will go when the show (or his singing career) is over. Since when did we become the country that cared more about chasing fame than defending freedom?
Oooofffff. Sorry. I landed funny when I jumped off my soap box just then.
Oh, what the hell. May as well rise to the occasion and partake in a little State of the Union fun. Maybe then I won’t care that American Idol got the shaft.
Idol Hands

2 Responses to “You Know You Have A Problem”

  1. Kevin Says:

    Step 1: Admitting that you have a problem. :wink

  2. Peppermint Tina*:) Says:

    Forgive me, but that’s bullsheet. His first commitment was to the military. I can’t believe they granted it. (yes, I’m hardcore.)

    Next thing you know, every one will want a special extension and it will be granted, based on the precedence this sets, or lawsuits will abound!

    I’ll keep my ethics, intact.




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