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Curses! Foiled Again

Or at least delayed. That’s right: Our closing has now been delayed until Monday (possibly Tuesday). Crap. Oh well. I’m still off for the next three days, and while I could go into work, I will instead use this time judiciously. Translation: Since Kevin has not yet packed up the office, I fear I will have no choice but to intervene. At least it will give me something else on which to fixate. Wait. Who am I kidding? Better go to plan B: Curl up with a book and a bottle (or 5) of wine, then proceed to watch bad movies. Oh, don’t worry. The Lifetime Movie Network is not in my future (yet. If the situation deteriorates further, I fear I will be forced to endure The Mary Kay Letourneau Story). And in the words of Mary Kay: “Help me. Help us all.”
Help Me, Help Us All

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