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Zen Again…

Maybe not. Today was a good day, though, and tomorrow (well, today now, I guess) is our final walk-through on the new house, so at least that’s one more hurdle cleared. Ooooohhhh, something else to look forward to is a great big burger from Steak and Shake , which is the whole reason I’m not a vegetarian. And for dessert, a hella-shake! Hooray! Also, thanks to Tina for kind words and a little perspective.
Yeah, Baby!

One Response to “Zen Again…”

  1. PTina*: ) Says:

    Arigato gozaimasu, Lady Merrin…

    (it’s always funny to see me anywhere! Hoo-hoo!)

    I hope you don’t mind my sticking 2? (cause that’s all my blather is worth!) all over your site…

    Ps…A burger sounds delish right now! (10:12pm Hi Time)




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