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Aha! So Kevin has finally discovered what it’s like to live like a packrat. Allow me to explain: When we bought this house (our very first…up until 3 years ago, we lived in an apartment), Kev really didn’t have a grasp on how much…how should I say it…crap we had. So when it came time to pack and move, he just threw things in boxes, without ever sorting through it. Hence, 12 wire hangers (a la Joan Crawford). Yes, I keep everything—every love letter, every birthday card, every vet record. Everything. One day, he’ll thank me, but in the meantime, I’m just really happy that he’s packing the garage. One more note: The weekend that we moved into this house, he promised me that he would unpack the garage the very next day. Three years isn’t all that long in man-time.:tongue
Nooooo Wirrrrre Hannngersss!

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