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Karma Coupons

Are a bitch. It serves me right for mocking the masses who get to take time off during the holidays. Last night, the universe tapped me on the shoulder and demanded I pay up. So, I cashed in my karma coupons, and now I’m sick. Not just a little, but a lot. One day I will learn not to be nasty, since it always comes back to me in some form or another. This time, it just happens to be in the shape of a horrible cough that won’t quit, complete inability to hear/smell/taste/breathe, and the awful, agonizing muscle aches that come with the flu. Damn. I will never mock another. At least until I get better.
In the meantime, I will huddle, shivering, over my keyboard since Kevin has so graciously given me leave to redesign our homepage. Boo-yah.

3 Responses to “Karma Coupons”

  1. Kevin Says:

    When I said redesign, what I really meant was you do the design. I still maintain editorial control. :wink

  2. Camille Says:

    Man that sucks! Hopefully you’ll recover quickly and still be able to enjoy your time off. *fingers crossed*

  3. Kevin Says:

    That picture kinda looks a little like you, see here:

    Man, I’m gonna get killed for this one!




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