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Maybe Not That Good

I had a wonderfully fabulous day. I think it’s safe to say that from now at least through New Year’s, I will be one happy girl. You could chalk it up to Christmas spirit, relief over finding a new house, having a wonderful husband, or being surrounded by a great (if dysfunctional) family, but that would only be part of it (a big part, just not the whole she-bang). So why am I so happy, you ask? It’s simple: Allen’s back, and all is right with my world. I should have pictures after tomorrow night. Mom’s even coming over to play! Poor Kev; I think I hear him barricading himself in his office as we speak. Only 24 hours till girls’ night at the Donahue’s!
Still, no matter how fantabulastic my day was, I’m not sure anything could top this. Sometimes, people are pretty cool.
I Don't Need No Stinkin' Presents (But They Do)

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