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It’s Christmas! We’re All in Misery

First of all, how much do I love my husband? In order to give him the best Christmas ever, I have driven all over town today in search of the ONE thing he says he wants, but I’m pretty sure doesn’t exist. At least, I was sure it didn’t exist until I finally found it. Store associates all over Fort Worth thought I was crazy. They swore to me that the present for which I was valiantly searching was but a figment of my imagination. I sure fooled them, though. I found it, and now the holiday season can commence.
In other news, we got an offer on our house (which is not on the market. I may have mentioned this before in a similar bitter tirade). Buyer’s market. Uh huh. Right. Be careful what you wish for, and all that. So were basically homeless. We have a contract on our house and no place to live when the deal goes through. Logically, I know everything will be fine, and we’ll end up in a fantastic place, but it’s still a little scary. Oh well. In the words of the great Scarlett O’Hara, I’ll think about it tomorrow. Or maybe the day after. Or next week.
Wherever Shall I go?

3 Responses to “It’s Christmas! We’re All in Misery”

  1. Kevin Says:

    OK. We got an offer on our house. We dont’t HAVE to take it. We could say, “thanks but no thanks.”

    We do not have a contract. Period. We are not homeless. Period. We won’t be homeless. Period.

    Offer is just that – an offer. No big deal and certainly nothing to get excited over until we have a contract. (And even that’s not too exciting. The check—now that’s exciting!)

  2. Merrin Says:

    Ok, but even you admit that we’d have to be crazy not to take the offer. Don’t go telling me one thing and then getting all hot and bothered because I post what you tell me.

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