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It’s as close to a weekend as I’m gonna get for a while, and I plan to live it up. Tomorrow, Kevin and I are driving to–ahem–Oklahoma to see James Taylor. We plan on stopping in Oklahoma City to see the Memorial, since neither one of us has ever made it up there. Then it’s off to the concert! Hooray! Technically, we’re doing this as a celebration of the anniversary of our first date (12/9/94), but I think it’s also an excuse just to get away.
Remember the lady who came to see our house (which still isn’t on the market)? Well, she wants to come and see it again tomorrow. We have it on relatively good authority that she’s planning on making an offer on our not-on-the-market house. Did I mention it’s not for sale yet? At least we won’t even be in town for this; I for one am perfectly content to let the BIL do all the work!
In other news, one of my closest friends had a big disappointment today. He was auditioning for the role of Mozart (in the production Amadeus, for those who don’t know), and some punk-ass freshman got it instead. Of course, Allen accepted it with more grace than I possess in my entire being, but that’s how he is. He is truly the most wonderful person I know, and if anyone possesses the secret of joy, it’s him. So, Allen, I once again tell you that it doesn’t matter who shares the stage with you. You’ll always be the star.
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