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This Is a Public Service Announcement

Yes, I have a horrible, sordid addiction to reality TV. I can’t help it. But even I have standards, and they sure don’t include Joe Millionaire. Ok, I watched the Bachelor (both seasons). Of course I plan to watch The Bachelorette. I still contend that The Mole is the finest show ever produced for television (from a purely entertaining standpoint, of course) I can’t not watch Survivor or The Amazing Race. I was immediately hooked on Beg, Borrow, & Deal. Enough already. Joe Millionaire is classic Fox: let’s take a good thing (or at least a popular thing), and send it straight to the crapper. If you or someone you love is looking forward to this show, please stop right now and seek professional help. Friends don’t let friends watch Fox.
When TV Attacks!

2 Responses to “This Is a Public Service Announcement”

  1. ed k. Says:

    I like the Amazing Race a lot, but Survivor is way too boring. And I really liked The Mole. It was clever. (Alas, no more. ) The Bachelor has been kind of amusing, in it’s idiocy. But I’m *really* looking forward to Joe Millionaire. I think it will be a scream watching a bunch of gold diggers get zip. Come on, ya gotta see the humor in crap TV.

  2. Merrin Says:

    Ok, a little humor. But, come on, it’s Fox! Don’t you remember Bachelorettes in Alaska? That one was actually painful to watch. But you do have a point; the gold diggers will get their comeuppance, and that’s funny.




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