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Just in Time for the Holidays

Here are some not-so-last-minute ideas for gift-giving. I can personally attest to each and every one of these titles, and most of them are readily available. Now go read something. It’s good for your brain. (A side note: I am also recommending a couple of movies this month, which should offend my sensibilities, but since I’m just trying to make a living, I beg your indulgence. Besides, they’re fun).

Out of This World This book is amazing. Yann Arthus-Bertrand had an amazingly successful exhibit last summer in Chicago, and this is one book that belongs on every coffee table. The photographs are stunning, the colors mesmerizing, and the style unique to this one man alone. To buy it, click here.

When I Grow Up... Okay, so the guy’s a little archaic. That didn’t stop me from enjoying the seat-of-your-pants ride that Frank Abagnale took me on. Besides, the movie comes out Christmas day, stars Tom Hanks and Leo DiCaprio, and is directed by Steven Spielberg. Do yourself a favor and read the book before seeing the movie. If you like it, check out Art of the Steal, his follow-up. To buy Catch Me, click here.

Banks and Babies This is a great primer for the more practical aspects of parenthood. When I first picked it up, I thought it was fiction; imagine my surprise that some mom out there actually kept a tally of what her as-yet unborn child owed. Hilarious and touching, and a refreshing resource for new moms. You know the drill: to buy it (or to read someone else’s review) click here.

Solved? Is it really true? Did Patricia Cornwell really solve the mystery of Jack the Ripper? I gotta admit, I was a little skeptical, but after reading this and hearing her speak, she has a pretty damn good case. Add that to the fact that she recently (last week) discovered actual fingerprints on one of the “Ripper letters”, and I’m a believer. Check out her theories. This one is perfect for all the mystery AND history readers on your list. To purchase this tome, click here.

The Funniest XMAS Movie Ever! Anyone who knows us knows that Kevin and I are the Griswolds. We have all the movies memorized, but this one is our favorite. Don’t believe me? Check this out. Clark and the family are in full holiday force, and you’ll laugh so hard you’ll wet yourself. Christmas Vacation also lends itself to great quotes. One of my faves: “It’s Christmas. We’re all in misery.” To buy it, click here.

Then 48, then 72 If you’re not watching this show, then why not, for the love of God?!?! Granted, it took Kev a little while to convince me that it was worth my time, but now I’m hooked. If you missed out on season one, go get it here. Please. For your own well-being. I’m just trying to help you help yourself.

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