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Oy, With the Names

So Kevin and I are NOT pregnant (YET)—let’s get that clear right now. However, we don’t let that stop us from picking out potential names for our future children. The thing is, girls spend their whole lives choosing names for their kids. We start with our first stuffed animal. Admit it, ladies: You had different names for all your Barbies. Guys don’t do that. G.I. Joe is still G.I Joe. When I was eight, I was dead-set on Madison for a little girl. Well, now everybody and their Mom is named Madison. So now I’ve decided on Emerson Grace Donahue for a little girl. I’m not budging on that one. I am, however, still open to discussion on boys’ names. So, if you want to join in the fray, feel free to email us or post a comment. Beware: This is already shaping up to be a helluva battle.
Help Name Our Future Baby!

4 Responses to “Oy, With the Names”

  1. ed k. Says:

    If it’s a boy, why don’t you name him G.I. Joe? G.I. Joe Donahue has a nice ring to it. 🙂

  2. Merrin Says:

    Now my husband is on the William Robert kick. He thinks it would be cool to have a kid named Billy Bob, which is further proof that he is a Republican.

  3. Kevin Says:

    I was joking about the William Robert thing. I do (in fact) have a list of boy names that I’m putting together.

    I’m not totally against Emerson Grace for a girl, for reasons I have already discussed.

  4. Merrin Says:

    Honey, while I can appreciate the more “traditional” names you like (Joseph, Robert, etc.), I once again must stress the value of individuality. Believe me, I’ve already censored all the names I’ve chosen for mockability (yes,that’s a word–I just made it up). If the worst that can be said for Emerson Grace is that there are stocks out there with those names, I think we’re in the clear. Help me out here, people. Suggestions, please.




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