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Only 5 Saturdays Left

Of the Christmas shopping season. Thankfully, Kev and I got a lot of it knocked out today. In the middle of all the fun, we get a phone call from Keith (the Brother-In-Law, hence to be referred to as the BIL). The BIL is a realtor, and he says he has someone who wants to look at our house. Here’s the thing: Our house isn’t on the market. Not that we’re not planning to put it on the market, it’s just not there yet. So then Kev and I start to think that maybe we should jazz the place up; you know, increase the face-value. The next thing you know, the Christmas-cussing fest known as decorating has begun. Our neighbors all have their exterior lights up already, and while we’re not doing that (yet), the tree is going up as we speak. I know better than to be in the living room when Kev is tangling with the lights, so I thought I’d retreat to my office and write about it. Besides, in here he can’t see or hear me laughing at him. In true Donahue tradition, we have Christmas Vacation in the DVD player, and we once again marvel at the similarities between us and the Griswold family.
Uh oh, Kevin found me. Gotta go trim the tree!
We're All In Misery!

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