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The Rebuttal

It’s not just liberals crying over today’s ruling. Any time the government decides that it’s OK to “sneak a peek” at the lives of ordinary citizens, somebody has to speak up. Let’s get something straight: I DO NOT disagree with the theory that we should do everything within our power to make sure that a tragedy like 9/11 does not happen again. The problem lies with the right-wing whack job who will undoubtedly take today’s decision as a license to tap the phones of the kid who used to beat him up on the playground. Make no mistake: That WILL happen. Power is seductive, and often abused. I’m not the left-wing, Big-Brother-is-watching, paranoia-inducing Democrat. I just think that there is a much BIGGER issue at stake here: Every flood starts as one drop of rain. The floodgates flew open today when Uncle Sam got the go-ahead to check my email. I fully understand that there is no Constitutional right which guarantees privacy (go ahead and check…there isn’t (it’s a common misconception that the 4th Ammendment is the Right to Privacy, but it’s not, so don’t send hate mail). I learned this for certain while I was busy being under-educated in my Constitutional Law class at Austin College, the school for people too smart to go to UT). Listen to what Judge Royce Lamberth has to say:

” Justice Department officials had frequently misled the court by claiming they were seeking wiretap authorization for intelligence gathering but had been deceptive in that they were trying to obtain a wiretap for a criminal investigation.”

Judge Lambert, by the way, was appointed during the Reagan Administration to the bench of FISA, and ruled against Democratic interests several times. Here’s one example. He resigned his post when liberties (including his own) started getting flushed.
If used as originally intended, there is no problem defending the U.S. against foregin agents with ties to terrorism by means of “sharing information obtained by wiretaps”. But you and I both know it won’t stop here. As a society, we’re famous for witch hunts, and this will no doubt prove to be the biggest in our history. Ever hear of Pandora’s Box? Well, we just flung it open.
Pandora's Box

2 Responses to “The Rebuttal”

  1. Kevin Says:

    I ask again, what is so wrong with that? If they have probable cause that a person is an agent of an enemy state, should the government monitor them? Yes.

    If the government finds that the agent is committing a crime, shouldn’t the government use this information in a prosectution? Yes.

    So what’s the problem, liberal?

    Again with the whole can’t see the forest for the trees thing. Dang! You liberals are a sneaky lot! :wink

    Here’s the real deal: All wiretaps & requests for electronic surveillance require the OK of a judge. Period.

    Is there a chance that some yahoo can abuse the system? Yes. Has there always been a chance that yahoos would abuse the system? Yes. Is that the price we pay for our system of justice? Yes.

    So many people are saying, “The governement is going to spy on me.” What in the heck are you thinking? One, there’s a better than zero chance that the government can open a file and know anything they want about you from the birth to death. Two, the whole decision is that INVESTIGATORS CAN SHARE INFORMATION WITH PROSECUTORS. Period. That’s it.

    There’s no “secret agenda”. It’s perfectly clear what the government wants to do:

    Spy on agents of enemy states and share the inforamtion from those investigations with prosecutors.

    Hence the legal appeal.
    Hence the case and headlines.
    Hence the henny-penny liberal panic.

  2. Merrin Says:

    Once more, with feeling:
    This is just the FIRST STEP toward an Orwellian future; the precedent has been set, the wheels are in motion. Sure, this seems perfectly inocuous NOW, but five years down the road when the Feds show up at your door because you’ve been downloading porn from, you’ll look back with 20/20 hindsight and realize that I was right all along.




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