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Better Days

Okay, so I’m mostly recovered from yesterday’s incoherent tirade. Yeah, I’m still a little irked at the outcome of the elections, but it wasn’t like it was a surprise. And I’m still annoyed at being blatantly lied to by someone I used to trust, but I’ll get over it. The sweet promise of a day off beckons, and I’m going to answer its call with a mighty “Yawp!” Even the horrible hangnail on my thumb can’t get me down, though it does make typing difficult. Tonight and tomorrow are for indulging in guilty pleasures, since I haven’t watched all season, although I have them all on Tivo. Perhaps there’s even a cold Coor’s Light in my future. In fact, I’m sure of it.
That’s the thing about bad days. They only last 24 hours.
Me, Tomorrow

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