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There are no words to express how utterly amazing the Boss was in concert last night. If you ever decide to go see him, you absolutely have to do the GA pit line. Yeah, you’ll wait an entire day outside (quite possibly in the cold and the rain, like me), but I swear to everything holy that it’s worth it. We were 5 feet from the man himself, and Little Stevie was also in front of me. But wait…there’s more. Everyone who knows me is aware that there is one person over whom I constantly obsess: DON HENLEY. Yes, I know it’s a little weird, but really. I would quit my job to become a full-time Don Henley groupie. And guess what? He showed up last night to play a little with BRUCE. The pit was amazing—-the only way I ever want to see a show again. Who needs chairs, when you can reach out and touch the Boss himself (not to mention the Don Of All That Is Henley)? My life could not be more complete. Well, maybe a little sleep wouldn’t hurt.
If there’s anyone out there who was at the show, let me know. I’m dying to talk about it, and since Kev didn’t go, that’s kinda out. Also, was there anybody else in the pit?
If you don’t believe any of this, just check this out for someone else’s opinion.
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