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Top 10 Words/Phrases/Abuses of Syntax

That really piss me off. Ranked in order of their anger-inspiring quotient:

10) Illinois, when pronounced Illinoise
9) Comma splices
8) Supposably. This is not an actual word.
7) Often, with the “T” pronounced
6) Run-on sentences
5) The word “like” used, like, 5 times in, like, one sentence, like, you know?
4) Misuse of the pluperfect tense.
3) Ending a sentence with a preposition.
2) Asking “Can I?” vs. “May I”
1) The use of the word IRREGARDLESS. By the very addition of the prefix “Ir”, you have just negated the meaning of the word regardless. Go back to school.
Okay, I’m climbing back down from my soapbox now.
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