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Sopranos Update

Ha ha ha ha ha ha. I told you so. How could you have possibly missed the whole Carmela/Furio thing? Boo-yah. I also have to give props to Kev, as I am beginning to suspect that he is right about a pregnancy, and I’ll bet money that it’s Ade. And I know it’s a week too late, but since I haven’t said anything about it already: Go AJ! Only, next time, you might want to be a little more suave about scoping out….location. And thank God Paulie is back. I can’t wait to see what he and Johnny Sacks are cooking up. In honor of the season finally heating up (thanks Steve Buscemi), here are my five favorite Sopranos quotes to date
1) “I don’t have antiques; my house is Traditional.”—Carmela
2) “God, I love marrow!” —Janice
3) “What am I, a toxic person?” —Tony
4)”In the future, I would ask that you extend to me the same courtesy that you would a crack addict.” —Jennifer
5) “Wow, that’s what a crack ho looks like!” —AJ

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