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Oh God. It’s Only Monday

I am officially entering the hardest week of the year. I think working retail during the Holiday Season is a lot like childbirth—you forget the pain at the end, and you only remember the beauty and the joy. At least, this is what I tell my self at the beginning of every Holiday Season. So far, the self-deception seems to be working, since this is my 8th Christmas with Barnes and Noble. Only this particular week, to make things extra-special, I have to worry about the Big Guns coming to visit. You know the ones—the suits from Corporate who love to descend “just to check” and “assess the environment”, not to mention “challenge the culture”. What does that even mean? How do you think the environment is? It’s friggin’ Holiday set-up, and it’s not even Halloween! You can take a culture of my throat, if that makes you feel any better. It’s pretty sore from yelling at everybody today. Assess this!
Ok. I feel better now. Apparantly, I’ve been bitten by the bitter bug. Everything would be fine if I could just locate my ticket back to Apathy-land, the amusement park for the intentionally unconcerned.

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