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But Does He Love Me?

Sure the man loves his Tivo. I think that much is evident after reading his lengthy love letter. Good thing he went and surprised me with James Taylor tickets. The only drawback is that we have to go to Oklahoma to see him, since he is not planning a stop in Dallas until next year. Really, though, it’s worth it. If you’ve ever seen him live, then you know what I’m talking about. Besides, music is one thing that Kevin and I have never really agreed on: I listen to just about anything, and Kev is very selective about what he likes/hates (example: The Cure. I love ’em, Kev doesn’t get it). So on the rare occasion that we can come together on this, I think it’s really important that we make the most of it. even if it means driving to NORMAN, Oklahoma. In the middle of Christmas season. In retail. My willingness to do this should not only prove my love of James Taylor, but also my undying devotion to my husband.
So, once again, my Kevin wins the Husband of the Year award by going and doing something completely cool and unexpected. So, I suppose I have no choice but to share him with the other woman that is Tivo.
Thanks, baby. I love you, too.
Sweeeet! Baby James

4 Responses to “But Does He Love Me?”

  1. connie Says:

    I’m envious. Good for you. 🙂

    My first two concerts that I ever went to were JT shows, and he knocked my sixth grade socks off. My best friend totally thought I was a freak at the grocery store yesterday because one of his songs came on in the frozen aisle and I was swoony. LOL

  2. Merrin Says:

    At least that’s more respectable than singing “I Will Survive” while mopping the kitchen floor, which is what I did today. I am really starting to believe I need therapy.

  3. connie Says:

    Naw…you’re just having fun, that’s all. We only get the weird looks because people don’t *understand* us. 😉

    And haha, I’ll have to sing along next time! She’ll be mortified. Heh.

  4. Jessica Says:

    hi there please help me i was seeing this lad for 2 months and i dont know if he loved me or felt anything for me we spent the whole 2months together everynight and we got on so well but he wasnt the type of person who told his feelings towards someone. we got on so well and felt so comftable with each other. he once cryed in front of me and he said “i’ve never felt so comftable with a girl before like i have with you and i’m very glad we got together” he was always paying me complments bout how bonny i was and how much he liked me, one night he dedicated a song to me (not a love song). and i was shocked, anyway i’m in love with him and he knows. but we’ve split up now and i’m not sure what it was over but we slept together then 2days later he finished it between us im so confused! i know he liked me but i dont know if he loved me please can you help please.




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