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I so very much do not want to go to work today. Yes, I know that it’s only 10 or so hours out of my day, but just the thought of having to take a shower, get dressed, put in my contact lenses, and go be in charge of stuff is kind of a drag. I’d much rather be sleeping.
Also, I’m sad because Richard Harris died. This really sucks, because now, who will play Dumbledore in the next Harry Potter movie? Why is this even important to me? I mean, is there nothing more important in my life than this? I’m sure there is, really, but I just don’t want to think about things like putting my house on the market, packing, moving, taking the dog to the vet, etc.
The good news is that even though Kev had to work this morning, he’ll manage to be home before I have to leave for work. That’s very good news. Florida State plays today, so I know he’ll be busy. That reminds me: I better go make sure we have chips and beer.
Go 'Noles!

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