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Merrin’s Letter To Santa

Dear Santa,
I have been exceptionally good this year (just ask my husband). I have cooked lots of yummy dinners, I have cleaned the house, I fed and walked the puppies (and cleaned their feet when it rained), and I have played well with others. I therefore I humbly request the following:

Clean Cotton, anyone? This is always a great gift. While Kevin says he only likes one scent, I happen to know that this is not true. Thanks to Courtney, I now have a horrible addiction to tart burners and votive holders. Please help me fulfill my craving for all things Yankee Candle.

Almost Done! That’s right, Kevin and I are almost complete. Along with the Salt and Pepper shakers, we also still need the medium pasta bowls and another oval platter. Check it out here.

Smell-goodness I love this fragrance. It’s clean and crisp, and not too girly. And besides, a girl can never have too much perfume. To buy it, click here.

Old Favorite This is the scent I’ve worn since time began. I absolutely love it, and I always seem to be running out. This is one of things that you can always find in my purse (the travel size, not the full size, silly). Kevin loves it, and I constantly get compliments when I wear it. To buy it, click here.

Comfy It’s sad but true. I desperately need a new office chair for my desk at home, since the one I’m using now, I’ve used since I was 12. Besides, I sure would like to be able to get out of the chair without being stiff. To buy it, click here.

AAAHHHHOh, please, if there’s one thing and one thing only I can get this Christmas, let it be this. Santa, I’ve been so good that it’s literally tied me up in knots! This is just the thing to work out the knots in my back. Plus, Kevin would thank you, too, since right now, he’s the next best thing, and his hands are tired from rubbing my shoulders. To take a look, click here.

This Is Only for Kev Okay, so this one is just for Kevin. Don’t go running out and buying me diamond hoop earrings (which perfectly match my wedding band, by the way) unless your name is Kevin (or unless you really want to. A girl can never have too much sparkly stuff). To buy these (KEVIN) click here.

Do You Have to Ask Why Because it’s Mecca. Everything you could possibly ever need can be found at Target. I love Target. There is no place cooler than Super Target. Oh my….I’m getting verklempt.

I Like it All Twinsets never go out of style. Also, pretty much everything on this page is something I’d wear. Preferred colors are anything EXCEPT Cream, Light Lemon, Coral Spice, and Fuschia, and preferred size is 1X.

Other than this stuff, you all pretty much know what we like. Also, we really don’t need anything. Just knowing that everyone is healthy and happy is enough for us. So, thanks for all that you do. You make our lives much happier, and we wish everyone a VERY merry Christmas!
O Tannenbaum

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