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This Month’s Picks

Intrigue Rocks! This is the best novel I’ve read in years. It’s entertaining, but more than that, it’s intelligent. Mr. Brown’s impeccable research opens new doors, and drives the reader to a totally unexpected climax. Finally, in a refreshing change from formulaic thrillers, The Da Vinci Code does what every good novel should: quite simply, it entertains without pandering to the lowest common denominator. Unfortunately, it’s not due out until March. Sucks to be y’all. Oh, all right. If you ask nicely, I may let you borrow my copy. To learn more about the author, or to check out his other theories, click here.

Poignant When the Emperor Was Divine is a moving story told from five separate perspectives. Also, a rare glimpse into a not-so-proud moment in the American past during WWII. To buy it, click here.

Beautiful The woman that Arthur Golden based Memoirs of a Geisha on tells her story with grace and beauty. This one reads smoothly and poetically and should not be missed. All of you know how much I love Memoirs, so it should come as no surprise that Geisha, a Life has turned up on the Reading List. Plus, it has pictures. To buy it, click here.

It's Saturday Night! Rumor has it that the only castmember who DIDN’T contribute to this was Eddie Murphy. The stories behind the sketches are hilarious, but this book also exposes the darker side of SNL, including drug use, affairs, eating disorders, alcoholism, and suicide attempts. Not very funny material, but narrated with humility (sometimes) and humor. If you’ve ever watched Saturday Night Live, you’ll love it. And a note for non-readers: it’s broken up into tiny little easy-to-digest paragraphs. To buy it, click here.

Gay? Okay, I know this is cheating, but I thought I’d throw in what I was listening to also. Kevin says John Mayer sounds just like Dave Matthews, but I beg to differ. If you haven’t heard him, you’ve been living under a rock. I still contend that no straight man could possibly write such wonderful things, but I could be wrong. Check him out here. Be sure to listen to the preview tracks. He’s awesome.

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