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I’m The Last One to the Party

As usual. Apparently, there are a whole lot of people that already knew all of this. I’m not a stranger to Renaissance art, or to the legend of the Holy Grail, or even to the Sacred Feminine. However, I just never tied it all together. These are the things they don’t cover in Art History, or even in Western Civ. So imagine my surprise, when reading a truly great novel (don’t ask; it’s not even being published until 03/18/03), I come across the theory of Mary Magdalene as the HOLY GRAIL. Not the keeper of the Grail. Not part of the legend. THE HOLY GRAIL. Do yourself a favor. Research this. It’s interesting, and you probably didn’t know this stuff. Read this, for starters. Then go here. Da Vinci is cool!

Da Vinci Codes?

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