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RT @HonestToddler: Toddler Tip: She has a bounty of nerves underneath that "last" one. Don't worry :)

Sopranos Update

Please click here for the original prediction, and then tell me that episode#43 didn’t confirm it. And how about poor Tony? What’s a goomba to do? Whack Johnny Sack? Let Johnny whack Ralphie?
Now, on to last night. Pie-O-My sure was a winner. I wish Kev and I had been that lucky on Saturday at Lone Star Park. Adrianna sure is getting in deeper, too. First, they broke her chair, then a meeting with the Feds. I guess it was all just too much. But really, “borrowing” Chris’s heroin? And what would Sunday be without Janice around to entertain us? Now she’s after Bobby? What’s up with that? Ziti, anyone?

Artie Bucco Loves it!

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