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Thank God It’s Over

Don’t get me wrong. I had a great time, and picked up so much loot that I had to SHIP most of it home, and that’s not including the extra suitcase filled with books, OR the 50+ CD’s I took on the plane. It’s just that it’s nice to be home, and my dogs sure are thrilled to see me again. So, here’s the recap of the conference.
1) Over 1000 Store Managers, DMs, RDs, and support staff from the Home Office, all trying to eat REALLY BAD FOOD at the same time.
2) The biggest names in publishing just itching to give stuff away.
3) The biggest record labels loading us down with the hottest new releases. This was undeniably the coolest part of the conference: bags and bags filled to bursting with CD’s. Hooray!
4) A private concert with the Wallflowers.
5) Many late night trips to the bar, only to have to get up at 5:00 am.
6) A kick-ass trade show with over 200 vendors loading us down with free goodies, from books to music to pens to t-shirts. You name it, we got it. Of course, we paid the price when we had to haul all that stuff 2000 miles back to our room, which was, of course, in Uganda.
So, now at least I have something to read, but I think I need a nap first.

New CD in Stores on 11/5

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