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Not Right Now, I’m Playing Mario

I know I know I know. Kevin ALWAYS picks on me for not posting more often, but I really HAVE been awfully busy lately, and it’s only going to get worse. First, I was really caught up in the finals of American Idol. If you didn’t watch, shame on you. More likely, you DID watch, but you’ll never admit it. See, here’s the difference between you and me. I’m comfortable with my addiction to trash Tivo. I never missed an episode of American Idol, and you better watch out when the fall season starts, ‘cuz then we have The Bachelor (premiers 9/25), the Amazing Race, and my one redemption, the West Wing (9/24). Mock me if you want, but each and every one of you knows that you secretly watch this crap, too. It’s ok. Go ahead. Take your time. Now say these words: “I love reality TV”. Did the sky collapse? No? But I bet you feel better!
The other time sucker lately (besides work) is Super Mario Sunshine. Every minute of every hour of my free time not spent killing brain cells watching mindless TV has been spent trying to conquer Mario. I tried explaining this to a friend of mine who is in her 40’s. It’s simple, really. Nintendo evolved with my generation, and Mario grew up with me. It’s like Beverly Hills 90210. Kelly and Brandon and the gang were my age, and we went to high school together. Now, Mario has evolved over the years into something beautiful and complex, like a fine wine.
Now, that’s enough mindless chatter, and I’ll post again when I resurface. Hopefully, that will be AFTER I beat Bowser, but BEFORE the premiere of the Bachelor. Are there support groups for people like me? :confused

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