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Archive: July 2002

This is the Life

So, I woke up yesterday to the dull drone of the mower. Kev was up and at ’em bright and early, busy cutting the grass. By the time I stumbled to the backyard to tell him (politely) to shut up, he told me to get dressed and head to Home Depot. Uh oh. so I was on a quest for decorative foliage. One phone call to Mom (and the trip to pick her up), and I was on my way. Not an hour later, there we were, surveying our front yard for precisely the right location for our brand spankin’ new impatients. But wait, there’s more. Save for the trip, all I had to do was watch as Mom took over and saved the day (and the little plants’ lives). Yep, she planted them. Now that’s what I call service. Thanks, Mom! I promise I won’t kill them for at least a month. Then again, Home Depot warranties their plants for a year…

My Life is Now Complete

Yes, that’s right. I have seen the Ultimate Manilow live in concert, in all the Copa Cabana glory. I sang, shouted, hollered, danced, and generally made a fool of myself in front of thousands of people. I can, however, at least find solace in the fact that I did NOT have yellow feathers in MY hair (nor is my name Lola), and since I’m not a showgirl, I managed to maintain some dignity. Thanks so much to my wonderful husband for fulfilling a lifelong fantasy of mine: getting down with the Man-i-Low himself! Rock on Barry!




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