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Archive: June 2002


Something just hit my head! Oh good Lord! It’s the sky! It’s falling! Kevin actually read a BOOK!!! A REAL BOOK! Not Harry Potter, not a magazine, but a BOOK! See my Reading List to find out which one, then go out and read something. It’ll do you some good. Sonny, good news for you: the next Lawrence Sanders book comes out next month. Look for it in your mailbox toward the end of July….

Once Again, Here’s MY Side of the Story

What Kev neglected to mention in his little tirade was this: he TURNED OFF the alarm. That’s right, he turned it completely off. Now, everyone who knows me knows that I can sleep through a freight train running through the middle of my living room; therefore, it takes a gentle nudge to lure me from a deep slumber. However, no nudge=no wakey. Granted, Kevin is usually adept at moving me along in the morning, but he really dropped the ball yesterday. Let’s also take into consideration the fact that he will not ALLOW the purchase of an additional alarm clock for my side of the bed. I know this because I have asked (pleaded, really) for my very own annoying little harbinger of the day ahead. He insists that another clock would cause him significant mental damage because of my “snooze habit”.
So now I leave it up to him: another clock, or wake me up in the morning. It’s not such a hard choice. Right?




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