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Archive: May 2002

Even More News!

Hooray for me! I finally had time to update the Reading List. Please check it out this month, as I have listed a new favorite by an author who will do great things (even if I have to make her a bestseller all by myself). Fans of the Ya-Ya’s or the Sweet Potato Queens will LOVE this! You go, Laurie Notaro!

Birthdays ROCK!

Thank you to everyone for making sure we had fabuolous birthdays yet again. An especially big thanks to my wonderful husband. I love you with all my heart, and you constantly amaze me. Tonight, we’re heading to Lone Star Park to celebrate with each other. Hooray! Send lucky thoughts our way…maybe we’ll win big on that $2.00 bet.

More Exciting Updates

I know I always say that I don’t have any news, but this week is an exception. I got my hair cut. Wow! That’s thrilling! Seriously, between storms and work and shopping for some new clothes, that’s truly the most exciting thing going. I’m so glad to have Kevin back from LA. He had a wonderful time. Brian, be sure to ask him about West Hollywood. Now THERE’S a great story! We are heading to San Antonio next week for a little R&R. At least, I get the R&R; Kevin gets to work. Happy Birthday to us!

Yes, I’m Still Alive

Well my,my,my. It sure has been a busy month! What with carpooling with Kevin (I’m glad THAT’S over!), and a killer couple of weeks at work, I’m exhausted! At least everything at home is running smoothly. Kev and I had a wonderful (if postponed) anniversary. He sent me roses at work (nice brownie points), and then he took me to dinner once he was back in town. Other than that, we’ve had a non-eventful month! Buffett was awesome, we’ve had some bad storms, but all that is typical for this time of year. Love to all!




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