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And Now for the Opposing View

It seems that every time Kevin posts something, it is my duty to refute it, or at the very least, provide an alternate viewpoint. For as much as we’re alike, some fundamental differences remain. For example, he’s a REPUBLICAN! OUCH! But at least I’m used to being in that particular minority since I am the lone black sheep Democrat in my family. In addition, I think that the toll tag McDonald’s thingy is a great idea, and I would love something similar for Starbucks. Ha! Finally, Hallmark does not own me, as it would stand to reason that by my excessive purchases of greeting cards, I own THEM. Right? The Santa stamps are cute, too, and I buy them every year, just like I buy the Love stamps for Valentine’s day, and Flag stamps in May and July. Oh sweet Jesus! When did I turn into a GIRL????? Excuse me, I have to go pluck my eyebrows. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!
Oh yeah, check out the reading list…I updated it for March. I’ll try to put some not-so-girly books on there next month.

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