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I Love the New Changes on the Website!

So Kevin is always afraid that I’ll hate the new stuff he puts on the site, but I ususally love it. This time, I think he struck gold with the search engine. However, that’s about the most exciting thing that’s happened around here. I had lunch with an author last week (who shall remain nameless, because his book was not good), which was fun, but that’s about it. Please check out my Reading List for some off-the-wall offerings this month. For those of you who think that some of them are a little TOO off-the-wall, you have my Random House rep, Gianna, to blame–er, thank. Seriously, even though it sounds iffy, I highly recommend the “prison book”, as we’re affectionately calling it, although you’ll have to wait till mid-month for its official release. Let me know what you think!

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