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Archive: November 2001

I Am Going to Marry Harry Potter

HARRY POTTER IS MY HERO!!! When I grow up, I want to marry him. Oh, wait…I am grown up, and already married, so that could throw a kink in my plans. Seriously, the movie was wonderful! I can’t wait for the next one! Even Kevin loved it, which is most unlike him. We had a movie extravaganza kind of weekend: after Harry Potter, my mother and I went to see Monsters, Inc. (also very cute). Tonight, I’ve rented Christmas Vacation, since we have THREE radio stations already playing nothing but Christams music, I figured we may as well really get into the spirit of things. Besides, we need a little Christmas now more than ever.

My Husband is a Nut

It seems that not a day goes by without Kevin harping on me for being a “freak liberal”. I thought I should take this opportunity to set the record straight: while my conservative husband is out there screaming “Death to all turkeys”, I am concerned about women’s rights, the environment, education, and health care issues. It is my opinion that George W. Bush is doing a fantastic job (and let’s face it: NO ONE EVER thought I’d say that), but I have more important things to do with my time than argue the politics of poultry. If this makes me a liberal freak, then so be it. I love my husband, but the only place we can discuss politics is in the relative safety of our separate offices.

Finally: A Day Off!

Not much news today… I am cleaning the house and going to the grocery store to buy Thanksgiving-y type stuff like a turkey and such. Since I’ve worked all nights this week, Kevin has been in charge of feeding the dogs, and last night they ate tuna fish and rice, so I think Dog Food is on my list as well. No wonder the pups were so happy to see me when I got home last night! Kevin is taking me to see Harry Potter tonight, so I’ll let everyone know how it is. I can’t wait!



One Week Until Thanksgiving!

Very soon, we will be gathering together to gorge on turkey and dressing! In the meantime, though, Kevin will be busy putting cool stuff on the web. Hopefully, I can add all sorts of Christmas lists for the rest of the family over the weekend. Dana had that idea, and I think it’s a great one!
After reading Kevin’s last posting, I can’t really tell if he’s glad I’m working nights this week or not. Due to the level of whining, I’m pretty sure he’s not…mostly because he has to fix himself dinner this week. Oh well. It’s good for him every once in a while to fend for himself!
Happy Birthday to Grandma and to Jen!

I AM a Freaking Genius

I know that Kevin is afraid that I’ll butcher him and skin him (yes, Kevin, I DO read your postings), but I am not a psycho hose beast. He is just jealous because I installed XP and managed to not only network my computer to his all by myself, but I also retained all of my original settings from Windows 98, right down to my wallpaper, while he struggled with trying to find out how to connect to the internet (hint:it’s the button that says “Do you want to connect to the Internet?”). Working in a bookstore really improves one’s reading abilities. And just because I voted for Clinton (TWICE) that doesn’t make me insane; it just means I’m open-minded. At least I can spell “potato” (AHEM…Anyone remember Dan Quayle?) and I’ve never done Cocaine. There are worse things in life that voting for a Democrat (like butchering your husband).
Hope all is well with everyone!

New News

Hello again. Well, I’m gearing up for another Christmas in retail. If I didn’t LOVE my job then I might give it up for good, but the books keep calling to me. Speaking of books, I have updated my reading list. I’ve been reading some great stuff lately, so check them out!
Kevin and I are looking forward to spending at least part of the holidays in Florida. We bought our tickets last week, now it’s just a countdown till Christmas!
Also, please check out our new and expanded letters to Santa. If any of you elves out there have wish lists of your own, please let me know so I can get started on shopping. It will give me an excuse to go wild at the Mall!




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