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Ok, so Kevin really HAS been after me to post something on our website. The problem is, before today, I didn’t know anything about this whole Front Page thing. But Kev assured me that it is really similar to Publisher (which I am better at than he is), so I finally tried it, and it worked! I really and truly did it all by myself, so please check out the reading list and the letter to Santa. I am so cool! Anything that has my name on it was built by ME ME ME!
Other than my newfound computer prowess, there is not much happening around here. I’m getting ready to embark on a 9 day stretch at work, so I’ll be a zombie by the week’s end. The truly happy news is that a new Central Market opened up, and I’m dragging Kevin today after the Bucs game. If you aren’t familiar with Central Market, it’s a specialty grocery store, with the world’s best produce, meats, seafood, and cheeses. If you like to cook, it’s paradise! The spices alone are worth fighting the crowds. I actually found a hot sauce that before now, I’ve only ever seen in the islands, and Kevin is thrilled to have it again!
Hello to Alain in Paris! Kevin and I hope all is well, and that you’re partying like the rock star you are!

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