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Archive: October 2009


I suppose it’s time for an update. Now that we’re starting to get settled, things are starting to calm down again, and we’re getting back into our routine. We absolutely LOVE our new house; even the dogs are adjusting to not having a fenced yard. Oliver is especially pleased with this arrangement as it means he gets to spend a LOT of time at the local dog park. The old ladies like this, too, since they get a much needed break from the crazy beagle!

We’ve spent a little time exploring our new area, and the decision is unanimous: We could not have chosen a better place to live. The people are SO friendly, we’re very close to the beach, and there are a TON of cute little shops and restaurants. Kevin is loving his new job (even though he’s extremely busy). We’re just about all the way unpacked, although we do still have a few pictures to hang. All in all, things are moving right along, and we couldn’t be any happier with this new adventure!

October Is For Boobies

8 years and still going strong!

Hey! Welcome to October! For the past eight years, that means one thing: BOOBIETHON! For the next seven days bloggers all over are helping to raise money for Komen, and you can help. Click here to donate. Did I forget to mention that there are also lots of pictures of ta-tas? Kevin and I are proud eight-year supporters of the Boobiethon, and we’re passionate about saving boobies. What are you waiting for? Go give Komen some $$$! Oh, and if you can’t give money, then you can at LEAST do one thing (even if it’s just sending a picture of your own rack).




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