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Heard Around The House

There is not a whole lot in this world that I want for. Kevin does an *excellent* job of taking care of me (and that’s a big fat disclaimer for the story that follows).

It’s a pretty well known fact that Sunday is my big housework day. Kevin can chill and watch some NASCAR while I do laundry, iron, clean bathrooms, change sheets, fold towels, clean the kitchen, make dinner, put the groceries away, scoop poop….and the list goes on. Today was just like any other Sunday (and a huge thanks to Kevin for helping me out by vacuuming the living room). It was only after I finished dusting the baseboards and scrubbing our toilet that I started to daydream a little.

Me: “Gee….I sure wish I had a third toilet brush for the third bathroom.”

Kev: “Well baby, just put it on your Christmas list.”

Me: “And maybe a little trash can for the back porch to hold the poop bags”.

Kev: “That’s an awful lot….I’ll tell you what. I’ll take you to the mall and you can sit on Santa’s lap and ask him for it”.

Me: “Yeah! That’s it! I’ll ask Santa for a shit bucket!!!”

Some women want diamonds, some women want fancy cars. Me? I just want a toilet brush and a shit bucket.

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  1. Kevin Donahue Says:

    I think there was a third thing too… like a cast iron washboard or something, but… that’s probably going to have to wait until your birthday. 🙂

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