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I Found His Kryptonite


When Chloe was a puppy, nothing would calm her down and knock her out quite like Teletubbies. No, I’m totally not kidding. It was like Xanax to her. 30 seconds of that annoying baby sun, and she was out like a light. With Rigley, it was my voice.

We’ve had a hard time with Oliver, but today I finally found it: Jack’s Big Music Show on Noggin. Now, I don’t know if it’s just because I’m older and a lot more tired, but I don’t remember ANY of our other dogs being quite this….energetic when they were puppies. And Oliver is like a two-year-old: He’ll do ANYTHING to try to keep himself awake. Since I’m tired of not having any sleep, I gave children’s programming a try today, and boy, did it ever work. Thanks Noggin!

3 Responses to “I Found His Kryptonite”

  1. Kevin Donahue Says:

    Heavy up the Tivo with that. You never know when we’ll need it.

  2. statia Says:

    G would watch Blues Clues. It was hilarious.

  3. Angela Says:

    I haven’t seen Jack’s Big Music Show but I know Oswald puts me to sleep. It has no effect on Miss B but I’m out like a light.

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