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They grow up so fast. Young Master Oliver is doing an excellent job of learning the whole “go potty OUTSIDE” thing, but I suspect that’s due in large part to the whole reward system we’ve got going on. We only had one accident in the house yesterday, and–so far–none today. He’s settling into his routine *extremely* well, but I’m still dead-set on getting us to some obedience classes. I’m so in love with this puppy, and poor Kevin still only has one dog that likes him better than me (although Rigley is pretty mad that I’ve introduced Oliver into the mix, so she’s defected to Kev’s side).

I’m headed to the airport in a little while to pick up my little sister. She’ll be staying with us for the week, which of course, means a whole lot of Disney World. Plus, I think Kevin will enjoy having someone else around to distract the puppy!

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  1. Kevin Donahue Says:

    It was brilliant to have your sister come into town *just* as we got the puppy… built in puppy-sitter. 😉

    He is doing really well and he’s such a great little dog.

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