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More Food Talk

I’ve become a little healthy-food-obsessed lately, and it’s really the only thing on my mind (well, food, and the fact that I ROCK at Guitar Hero and I LOVE my Wii Fit). Since I’ve been trying to work even more fish into our diets, I’ve been playing around with six or seven recipes for salmon (Kevin needs more Omega 3’s, and I already do tilapia forty thousand different ways), and tonight I hit a home run.

I think we’ve both gotten tired of the usual Asian-inspired marinades, but the problem is that Kevin is pretty picky when it comes to new stuff, so I usually have to sneak it in on him, let him eat it, and THEN tell him what he ate. Tonight, I tried a honey-mustard glazed salmon topped with a pecan crust, and it was DELICIOUS. I don’t usually like honey-mustard (I’m not a big fan of Dijon), but it was so subtle that it totally worked. This is definitely going into our regular salmon rotation. I took a recipe I found online and made it a whole lot healthier, but you’d never know it. Plus, it was super easy and ready in under 30 minutes. Now that’s a keeper.

3 Responses to “More Food Talk”

  1. courtney Says:

    I’m going to need to get that recipe from you.

  2. Kevin Donahue Says:

    It was really good!

  3. Patricia Says:

    Are you guys into vitamins and supplements? I can recommend a good one for Omega 3’s, of you’re into that stuff.

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