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Wii Fit!!!!

The UPS man finally showed up around 5:15, and I wasted no time in plugging that bad boy in. 60 minutes later and I was officially hooked. The hula hooping seriously works the abs….Once you get to the advanced level, it’s downright painful. The step “class” is hella fun, and the downhill skiing is harder than it looks. I suck at the soccer game, mostly because I lose points when I try to hit the shoes and stuff that they kick at me. Reflexes, I guess. I also LOVE starting with yoga so I get all stretchy. I rock the lunges and most of the strength training, but then again, I knew that was my strong suit. Aerobics and jogging, not so much.

For a total workout, it’s pretty good, and it’s fun, which is a plus. For hard core cardio, I recommend Dance Dance Revolution, though. It’s nowhere near as much fun (especially on the “Workout” setting on Difficult), but it definitely gets the job done. And Wii boxing does amazing things for the upper arms. Between these three things, though, I KNOW I’ll be getting the well-rounded workouts I need. Hooray for Wii Fit!!!

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  1. courtney Says:

    I can’t wait to try it out next time we come down! 🙂

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